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Coming Out, a creation of the Games [4Diversity] Jam, shows one boy's struggle with the conversation that follows upon telling his parents that he is gay. As the developers have shown, this delicate dance of timing, gathering courage, and handling misconceptions is a lot like the classic game of Snake.

Taken from the game's description, "Using a mechanic from the classic game 'Snake,' your goal is to manage your feelings and fears while avoiding a clash with your parents." I found this metaphor to be particularly apt, unmarred by some design choices and gameplay hiccups.

Having the snake be white in an off-white play area doesn't seem too wise, especially with how small the place space was, and some of the collision detection with the snake and obstacles seems off, but the message is strong and clear. I particularly like the two play areas of Snake and how you traverse from one to the other (I don't want to spoil the entire experience).

One of the Games [4...] Jame organizers, Menno Dean, shared Coming Out as part of a line up of [4Diversity] games shown at the Night of the Nerds event in The Netherlands. The 2015 Games [4Diversity] Jam is planning for another 24-hour jam event and is currently seeking sponsors.

Coming Out was created by of Chi Wong, Christiaan Bloemendaal, Christian Kokott, David Oppenberg, Mahdi Bahrami, and Meggy Pepelanova. You can download it below or watch it play out in the following video:

[Download Coming Out]