Ludum Dare 29, the theme of which is Beneath the Surface, is still in the voting stage. There are almost 2500 entries this time around, however, between the 48-hour compo and the 72-hour jam. Here are five more games worth checking out that can be played in your browser.

Winter is Coming...


This entry is by a group of high school students who took advantage of Ludum Dare to get off their butts and actually make a game instead of just talking about it. You have ten minutes to get as many points as possible by growing a tree downwards to get water and nutrients, and upwards to collect sunlight. The balance of water and nutrients underground is randomly generated each time, and although the generation is a little flawed and can occasionally result in an untenable play, it's a pretty solid game. Things move a little slowly at first.

Room Cleaning Simulator 2014


This game is wonderfully silly. A pile of things is dropped into your room and you must shove them into the incinerator to get rid of them. Holding down the mouse while you move allows you to roll on the floor to shovel more things in front of you at once. Once you've incinerated most of the junk, a new pile of things is dropped in for you to destroy. It sounds simple, and it is, it had me giggling the whole time. Surprisingly, Room Cleaning Simulator 2014 has two endings, one of which relates to the Beneath the Surface theme and one which does not. This game requires Unity Web Player and has no downloadable versions, but if you can't play the game yourself, there's a Let's Play video available.

Dig Hard


In Dig Hard, the evil core of the Earth has kidnapped "the Prez" and you are tasked with digging down and getting him back. Initially armed only with a shovel, you can find weapons to help you along as you dig through a procedurally generated underground. Along the way, you'll also find mines, lizards, and lava floes. Why these things are hidden underground is anyone's guess, but you're too badass to let them stop you from saving the Prez. The developers are already planning to release a post-compo version.

Color Graphics Adventure


Emma Maassen of Kitsune Games, who brought us No Way Out last Ludum Dare, has created a game which is a sort of dungeon crawl using a turn-based RPG style battle system with on-the-fly deck building, though you don't actually get to see the dungeon. The game is a series of battles one after the other. The first thing you do is create an initial deck of ten cards via draft. There are four possible color schemes for cards: cyan and purple, cyan and red, green and red, and monochrome. These cards can be played as special abilities from your hand in battle, with monochrome cards giving your character purple upgrades and colored cards either attacking or healing. Colored cards also change the color of heroine CGA-ko, however, and since the color schemes have a rock-paper-scissors strengthening effect in battle, you have to pick and choose when to use a given card. CGA-ko will do regular attacks on her own and you pick up more cards as you go, so if you play your cards right, you won't run out of them.

A Peas-ful Night's Rest


This pun-tastic physics game, inspired by the old tale The Princess and the Pea, tasks you with getting a princess out of a series of rooms in her castle. To do so, you must shove the stack of mattresses on which she sits across roly-poly peas strewn across the floor. In addition to worrying about the stack of mattresses falling over, you also have to deal with them spinning sideways depending on how you push them. It's as silly as it sounds and well done.