perish top.jpgSeeking a mere $1,500 in funding via Indiegogo, Anthony Richard's Perish is an action RPG for PC with gorgeous backgrounds, permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and Dark Souls-inspired combat. I spoke briefly with the solo developer to find out more about his game "where you die at the end."

Anthony says his marketing phrase "where you die at the end" refers primarily to "an allusion to the repeating permadeath nature of the game. But in a literal sense you also die to progress in the late-game. The exact nature of that is still in flux so I didn't want to give concrete details on it. I'm going to try and frame death in the game as being a part of the experience of playing the game."

I was curious about the gorgeous backgrounds, and he said they're "near final-ish," in terms of their polish. "In that the overall style is definitely final but the specific things you are seeing may evolve a bit as development continues (though not much, I think)."

He noted that the combat is more in-progress than the art. "Specifically the animations are placeholder, which is unfortunate. Functionally it does nearly everything that it needs to do but there is a huuuge amount of tuning before something like that feels right. I am very much aware of that."

He said the combat will be the most Dark Souls-like thing about the game. "The rhythm is the same. That combat but with the perspective hugely pulled out will work well, I feel. Especially given the increased spatial awareness that grants. I'm going for long periods of exploring beautiful environments punctuated by intense dangerous combat encounters."

Perish is due out for Windows, Mac, and Linux in late 2014. $10 will get you a copy of the final game, and $25 will get you early access to the beta, as well. To read up more about the game, click on the Indiegogo link below.

[Perish on Indiegogo]