Adventures of Pip's titular character is a citizen of a kingdom in which different people have different numbers of pixels. Those with more pixels rule over those with fewer, until one day when the queen of a neighboring kingdom comes along and reduces all the citizens in the kingdom to single-pixel people. Pip, who was born with a single pixel, then gets his chance to shine, gaining more resolution as he progresses until he's able to save the day.

The developers are promising gameplay and musical evolutions along with visual ones, which makes Adventures of Pip sound a bit like Evoland. Where Evoland began as a Ludum Dare game and spent a lot of its time making obvious nods to the history of console gaming, however, Adventures of Pip looks like it will be a platformer that uses evolving gameplay and aesthetics as a storytelling technique for a narrative about oppression and depth of character. Developer Tic Toc Games has this to say about the difference between Evoland and Adventures of Pip on their Kickstarter page:

What is awesome about Evoland is the nostalgic journey through different generations of gaming and how that is used as a mechanism for gating progression. It's a heavy undertaking especially since the evolution is a one time event which means tons of art resources to keep giving you new evolution content. I can see why the game ended up being short.

In our game, pixels are the story base, and the heart of the gameplay. You start as a single pixel trying to regain pixels stolen from your kingdom, and the more you collect, the more abilities you gain. If you get hit, you lose pixels.

There is a constant fluctuation of abilities at your disposal that forces you to make on-the-spot decisions on how you will approach an obstacle.

Evolution in Evoland does not tie into the core gameplay. It functions more as a visual reward for progression.

Tic Toc Games is currently running simultaneous Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for Adventures of Pip. You can get a digital download of the game for as little as a $15 pledge, though at the time of this writing there are still about twenty slots in the limited early bird tier that gets the game for $10. Right now the game is planned for release on Windows, Mac, WiiU, and Xbox One.

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