hyper square.pngI love touch games of pure adrenaline. Hyper Square taps that desire, along with wanting to make order out of chaos and involving all my fingers in the process. Team Signal seals the deal with easy to parse visuals, pumping music, and a slick interface. In short, Hyper Square is your next mobile twitch addiction.

Your fingers must drag, scale, or rotate squares to their appropriate outlines before each round expires, or else it's game over. Later rounds introduce game-ending obstacles, which you must avoid overlapping with your square.

You can and should move some of those obstacles, as sometimes the squares you need are tucked underneath. Flicking some of those obstacles into the outlined areas can also lead to a game over, which all equals a game quite surgical in its dexterity demands.

Hyper Square contains 8 levels, each with 8 rounds and several puzzles within those. Even if you can't complete all 8 rounds, you build up a score that eventually lets you unlock new levels. There is no slow grind if you can complete most of the rounds. The game doesn't hold you back; only your skill does.

The UI is brilliant in that levels you select require you to do a specific movement to start. You drag to begin the game, and later rounds require scaling and rotating to begin. No need for a tutorial!

Co-founder Scott Chen spoke on the design: "Each motion that the player makes allows the game to evolve a little bit more, the square beats faster, the sound becomes more complicated, and the environment will start moving. We want the game not just to be another minimal-masocore arcade game, and instead it will be a full-bodied experience for the players to have a long-lasting impression on."

Hyper Square is available for $2 on iOS, and is coming soon to Android and Windows Phone 7.