betelgeuse image.pngMaybe saying Winged Doom's new creation Betelgeuse's name three times will make it materialize quickly. Described now as a hybrid of Binding of Isaac and Smash TV, the game is an arcade, old-school top-down shooter with random dungeon and enemy generation. Thankfully, we won't have to wait long to play this one.

Winged Doom especially nails the music and the visual style for me, though I'd like to see the enemies move a little more fluidly. The bosses at the end of the video don't seem to take much firepower, so I'm hoping they get beefed up for a challenge, too. The dev writes in Russian about planning to add elements of fliying on a starship and exploring a large galaxy, taking elements from games such as Starflight, Prospector, and Approaching Infinity, and putting them in a real-time shooter.

Creator @Rt8vr8ttr told me on Twitter that a prototype for Betelgeuse would probably drop late Summer, and if it receives a positive reaction, the game will go to Steam Early Access or Kickstarter. It won't be too long until we get to face bosses such as these:

betelgeuse boss.gif

Cybernetic fingers crossed that this one doesn't go stealth like STEALER did. For more images, check out Betelgeuse's ModDB page.