Free Lives, the devs behind multiplayer bro 'em up Broforce, show they understand local competitive fun once again with Ludum Dare entry Yojimbrawl!, voted the most fun game and #3 overall of the 72-hour entries. If you don't have someone to experience the versus katana action, check out the game in motion after the jump.

Aside from "ring outs" not being clearly designated, Yojimbrawl! gets so much right visually and audially. The scenary, characters and drums create a chilling mood. The blood that gushes from the bodies makes slashes and deaths impactful, as do the sound effects. Clashing effects when the swords meet is quick but fierce. Graves drop to serve as win counts, as players resurrect from "beneath the surface" to fight again (until losing 5 times).

I also like the health system and the UI that represents it. Shown as an uncluttery arc above the characters, you see how much health you can regain (the red dots) if you turn the momentum of the fight in your favor. If you are not quick, the health depletes for good, accompanied by a soft sound effect.

The gameplay is simple but solid for a 3-day entry. You have a few moves with one attack button and combination of your directional input. You can dash forward or backward on the ground or in the air. While you can't block, you can dash to avoid falling to the ground after hit, if quick.

The team wrote on its Ludum Dare page that they still have more to put in the game and think they will "spend some time and get Yojimbrawl a bit more feature complete."