under pressure.pngLucas Mattos and Joao Brant explore a very claustrophobic "beneath the surface" theme for their Ludum Dare entry, Under Pressure. The mood is intense, and the gameplay presents a couple neat ideas for spending all your time crawling in a constricting place.

There are a few woah moments to this disaster survival game I don't want to directly spoil, but every time my character fell further beneath the surface, I cringed slightly for his pain. The game deploys mouse-based controls when your character wants to feel and interact with his surroundings. Despite its sometimes finicky movements, it's an interesting way to make you feel more immersed by searching with the mouse, instead of simply pressing a button until you interact with something.

You'll probably die a few times, but not all of us can make the best decisions when under pressure like this.

[Play Under Pressure]