Cyrano the Hothead.pngNoir's turn-based card battler Cyrano the Hothead was just 1 of the 60 games submitted before entries were closed tonight for the first Public Domain Jam. The main rule was to submit a game created with the theme "paper" and to use a public domain story or character. Noir created a smack-talking card-battler based on Edmond Rostand's play, Cyrano de Bergerac.

Cyrano the Hothead features 3 acts of battles, where Cyrano must defeat opponents by depleting the other's health (red) or morale bar. Physical attacks reduce the opponent's health (red meter), and verbal attacks reduce their morale. Characters with reduced morales will be less effective in combat, too.

The key to victory is combining the cards dealt. You can chain the cards as long as one of the colored stripes on their edges line up. Some combinations lead to special moves, which can deal damage to both stats.

Noir took the theme literally, and made Cyrano's graphics from paper cutouts, giving it somewhat of a diorama feel, fitting for a game based on a staged play. While I appreciated the smack talk and hand-crafted visuals, I lost myself in trying out the different card combinations. Maybe you'll feel the same.

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