More often than not, game jam entries with the deepest, most realized gameplay are what catch my eye. But Deep Calls To Deep grabbed my attention through it's serene disposition.

Great use is made of the "beneath the surface" theme, as Deep Calls To Deep sends the players deeper, ever deeper into the depths beneath the waves. As you continue farther down, survival becomes tricky. You'll need to collect air to keep from drowning and avoid collisions with the walls or jellyfish.

Death is inevitable, and the truth is sometimes it's incredibly unfair. There were plenty of moments I died because the game just didn't give me any air, or didn't provide me a path through a school of enemies. But still I was sucked back in for another go because of the beautiful aesthetics. It filled me with a peaceful feeling.

A fuller version of this game would do well to track how far you've travelled before dying. It would also do well to tighten up the randomized level design by giving the player a fair chance to continue on. But even with these drawbacks, Deep Calls To Deep (playable in your browser) was a worthwhile experience, if only to drown out the worries of the surface world for a short time.