This simple, one-button Ludum Dare entry from George Broussard is all about fighting a losing battle against the waves.

You are a person stuck floating in the middle of the ocean. You begin with full stamina and breath, floating atop the sea. Soon, however, the sea rises, leaving you beneath the surface. You can spend stamina to swim upward, but you only have so much and it only restores itself when your head is above the water. Your breath also goes down while you're underwater, and having less breath affects stamina recovery.

The game is a balancing act between staying high in the water and not expending too much energy to do so. It's a sober sort of game, but one that lends itself to multiple playthroughs as you just try to beat your own best time. This Ludum Dare entry was made in under 48 hours, and the graphics and sound effects are well done. You can play the game in your browser with the Unity Web Player.