The Wish title.pngAndrei Mishanin's little rectangular pixel protagonist (Enter the Square, The Tallest Building) embarks on its grandest adventure, yet, which is a bit ironic given the size restrictions placed on the game. Made for the #lowrezjam, The Wish is part exploring; item-gathering; and turn-based, random-luck battling.

There's a bunch of visual detail packed in The Wish that keeps you excited to see what's next. I like that for all the loot you pick up, the stats of items are added together; there is no need to equip them. This means there's also no need to make that painful decision about which ones to choose.

The random battles are probably what will make this hit-or-miss for everyone. You select one of five areas to attack and then to block, and you then must stop a fast blinking light to determine who attacks first. Then the game randomly determines the enemy's attack and defense move. If you are worried you will lose, you can escape. Your health will slowly replenish, as you wander around the game world.

Low-res discovery awaits in The Wish.