deepweb.pngAlec Thomson wrote in to share his mix of Minesweeper, 868-Hack, and Carmen Sandiego, blended quickly for Ludum Dare 29 and served in browser and multiplatform freeware flavors. DeepWeb, as he describes it, is a "puzzle game about investigation and hunting beneath the surface of the web."

You have a limited amount of funds to traverse the deep web, spending money with each movement. Rogue agents such as @ibogost and @hentaiphd are stealing information and hiding in the web, and you must deduce which computer terminal to frag to capture them. Each computer displays a number which says how many spaces away the agent is.

As you apprehend agents, you gain more deductive abilities such as scanning to see multiple computer screens; later comes warping and probing. To make the chase even more challenging, some rogue agents won't stay in place; they may even come after you.

[Play DeepWeb]