NOPE game.pngUpon the first click of Danny "Shadow64" Mastrangelo's Ludum Dare entry NOPE, the thought that I was playing another Flappy Bird clone concerned me. However, NOPE progresses to the photo above and beyond in a silly way that makes for a chuckling 5 minutes.

I don't want to spoil the scenes of NOPE, so you're on your own there. The only tip I found useful from the Ludum Dare page is to keep hitting "S" if things seem stuck. The other tip about how 'no conversation saves a bad marriage' I think is given so you don't get disappointed that the choices in the conversation mini-game yield the same results.

I do hope the developer tries to release a game with this kind of comedic pacing and narrative thread for a 1-2 hour game. If it's filled with laughs and surprises, that would certainly be worth the same price as a ticket to see a comedy film, right?

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