and the moment is gone.pngSubmitted to the Russian Games Jam Gamm and Ludum Dare 29, Mike Mezhenin's And the Moment is Gone is an "experimental conversation and internal monologue simulator" where the male character-player attempts to make conversation with a female passenger on a train ride, while trying to avoid losing her interest and harassing her.

and the moment is gone 2.png

Players can cycle through white thought bubbles with the right mouse button and choose a phrase with the left mouse button. As the character deliberates his answer, harmful black clouds of doubt start to form. If you keep touching them, they will overrun your confidence and ability to advance the conversation.

If And the Moment is Gone seems very difficult, don't worry. The frustration is part of what the developer wants people to feel, saying on the Ludum Dare entry page: "congratulations, that's how most of us feel on public transport every day!" He adds, "Just kidding, you can win. Kind of."

[Play And the Moment is Gone online, or on GameJolt]