kitsuni.pngAdam Summerton wrote in to tell us about other cool Ludum Dare games, but his own game wasn't too shabby, at all! In fact, Kitsuni has a solemn beauty in its sights and sounds, enjoyed as you wander around a snow-draped forest, possess animals to solve puzzles, and figure out why the machines need these mystical gems.

To explore above and beneath the surface, you hold the left mouse button to walk your creature towards the yellow cursor. Click Left on a creature to take control of the animals, and press or hold the right mouse button to use their abilities, if they have one.

You start out as a gorgeous fox, but along the way, you'll possess other creatures such as rabbits, owls, turtles, and monkeys. Each will be able to help you in some way retrieve a gem that must then be taken back to where the machines are.

What happens when you return all the crystals? The answer, of course, lies beneath the surface.

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