ripple runner.pngDDRKirby(ISQ)'s Ludum Dare 29 entry Ripple Runner nabs a bunch of medals for all the right reasons. Ripple Runner feels and sounds great to play, as sort of a three-button spin on BIT.TRIP Runner, where your actions complete the music.

Ripple Runner is 6 songs long, teaching you in stage 1 the first two mechanics of jumping and switching to your reflection. You learn the final flipping mechanic in stage 3, and that is where the fun began for me. It felt then as if my actions were playing the music.

Retrying a section is jolting, but you recover immediately. As some sections later prove long and difficult, I do wish some checkpoints were more frequent. I also found I could jump over spikes before hitting the flip mechanic, which took away from the feeling of being synchronized with the music.

Despite these, upon completing the last song-stage, Ripple Runner had me hooked and wanting to see what other mechanics could be added in a post-post-compo build.

Those looking for the ultimate challenge in Ripple Runner, you can earn rewards playing through all the levels without dying! The ultimate reward, though, is hearing each song, nice and loud. Even the stage select music is great, though more soothing than the rest of the album.

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