scuba bear.pngThis large, HTML5-built exploration platformer lasts for almost an hour, which is pretty impressive considering it was made over the weekend. Scuba Bear also looks cute and sounds great, with 24 chests to find and several powerups to help you dive deeper until you become king of the sea.

The furry king of the land begins his sea dominating quest with an empty treasure list, a single jump, and a fist swipe. It won't be long before he finds equipment to breathe longer underwater, to jump twice, and to break walls.

None of the abilities are ground-breaking (excuse the pun), but there's an addictive, "just one more chest" quality to Scuba Bear. The music is relaxing, even more so when the bear submerges into the water. Take a dip with Scuba Bear and see if you want to dive all the way in to Shannon Mason, Richard Lems, and Diane de Wilde's creation. (Spoiler proof I became King of the Sea last week)

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