zitris.pngZitris, made for the Low Rez Jam, doesn't have much to do with Tetris, which means it has everything to do with zits. A cooperative game you can "play with your stepdad," two hands must press WASD and arrows to simulate moving fingers and popping zits. As gross as the concept sounds, I checked with the lovely named Aimless J Lackluster for what the inspiration was, which ends up being something I bet some couples relate to.

Zitris isn't quite the zit-popping game I want it to be, but it's fun and silly in its subject matter. I'd have opted for some kind of penalty if the fingers smashed together or crossed; I'd also want the game to require a pinching motion to pop them, but such is a quickly churned game jam entry! The developer is already making his third for the Low Rez Jam.

Aimless J. and I had a short exchange over Twitter, which included him telling me the inspiration came from blackheads. "I grow 'em & the Mrs. has a thing for poking 'em. Gets this laser focus going that reminded me of game concentration."

This led me to think there are several other awkward, maybe even gross to some, but oddly intimate rituals which could be explored in games, cooperatively and singularly. I was thinking the follow up game to Zitris could be one that involves plucking unwanted hairs. Less gross? How about every morning I play a WarioWare like game with my toaster, repeatedly popping the toast so it jumps up high enough for me to grab it.

Okay, that was enough personal sharing, but this game kind of just brought out that side of me. I think you'll feel yucky at first while playing but then similarly contemplative about how few games there are involving these rituals, explicit or implicit. Feel free to talk about your rituals below, or aimlessly peruse Lackluster's game collection.