One of the most horrifying concepts around is isolation. Being by yourself and having to face the unknown can be a terrifying proposition, and it's something utilized frequently in the horror genre. Caffeine is the next project to take up this mantle, and it's the sci-fi setting that makes it seem to delightfully frightful.

The game takes place in the distant future, the year 2097. You're a young boy trapped on an already-deployed space mining ship. You're alone, and you don't know why you're there. And more importantly, you don't know what else is up there with you.

Developer Incandescent Imaging is planning to engage the player through puzzle-based gameplay. The game's story will be told through in-context lore like post-it notes and messages written on white boards. It's up on Kickstarter right now, where there's a demo available as well. The target for release is December 2014 on Windows, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4.