White Guardian Studios is embarking on their first game creation, a 2D RPG inspired by Suikoden II, Wild Arms 2, and Final Fantasy VII called Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge. It'll have an art style based on comic book art from the west rather than from the east, a story that sounds like it has plenty of potential for character development and exploration of dark themes, and a combat system which is turn-based but with a turn order that changes based on player choices. The best part is that they already have a good amount of work done on the engine for it.

The story will feature multiple player characters, one of whom is a woman who has had night terrors all her life. One day she woke up to discover that she'd slain her brother in her sleep with a supernatural power, and since then she's been living alone in the woods with her bad dreams and the hunters seeking to kill her. She and all the other characters in the game are living in a time of war, with the race which has been marginalized for so long finally standing up for themselves against the race that has been in power.


Exploration and combat are the focuses of gameplay in Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge. Some of the lore of the world will be hidden in secret locations waiting to be found. Players will be able to do things like dive beneath the surface of ponds to explore hiddin depths. Combat will be what the developers call a conditional turn based battle system, using an action list rather than round in similar fashion to Final Fantasy X. There will also be environmental actions that can be taken at times, such as knocking down pillars on top of enemies' heads.

There's more detail both in the tech demo video below (check out the cutscene demonstration starting right after 5:35) and on their Kickstarter project page. They're running a simultaneous Greenlight campaign. The game is currently slated for Windows only, though the developers haven't ruled out other platforms at a later date. They want to focus on getting one version done before working on others.

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