Cipher Prime's fast-paced pill smashing arcade game Intake is now available for iPad with numerous improvements. It's been available for PC for some time now, and Steam users have gotten the new improvements as well. If you had to choose which to get, I'd say the iPad version is the one to get, as the game is well suited to a touchscreen.

In Intake, you are tasked with destroying pills falling from above before they hit the bottom. On any given level, there are two colors of pills and you must flip the level's background color back and forth to match the color of the pills you are smashing. Keep it up to make combos. The gameplay is simple, but challenging. That makes it fun. As you go along, you can unlock upgrades that affect future plays.

The default colors for the pills would be a nightmare for anyone who's colorblind, but Cipher Prime has included not one, but three colorblind modes; one for each kind of colorblindness, making Intake a very colorblind-friendly game.

Intake works so well for a touchscreen that it seems like this should have been the first version. You hold the device with one hand, using your thumb to swap colors back and forth while the other hand points and pokes. It's very natural, unlike the PC version. There, mouse acceleration and other factors make it harder to control and if you have any repetitive motion problems with your wrists the game can only be played for a limited time. The iOS version, however, has none of those problems, and supports multi-touch to boot.

Improvements to the game include balance adjustments such as the frequency and duration of challenge levels and streamlining the user experience. They've added a "No Nonsense" toggle in the settings screen which takes out level transitions so that you can go straight from level to level without pause. Steam specific changes include an optional setting to add flair to the letterboxing panels and the Steam leaderboards were wiped along with the update going out.

You can pick up Intake for $2.99 on the Apple app store or $4.99 on Steam for Windows and Mac. The Intake soundtrack is also available on Bandcamp for $3 and is coming to iTunes soon.

[Intake web site (Epilepsy warning: flashing Steam link)]