Digital distribution platform Desura today revealed Cheap End, a new initiative that will see developers lowering the prices of their games one weekend each month in a bid to outsell other games on the platform.

The idea is as follows: On the last weekend of each month, the front page of the Desura website and download client will showcase games which are currently cut-price, more prominently displaying those games which are selling the most at the time.

Those developers who have games on Desura can choose to put their games on sale at any price they wish, and alter the price of the game on the fly. Each hour the Desura front page will be updated to display the cut-price games which are currently selling best.

The key, says Desura, is that if a developer isn't rising up the ranks fast enough and reaching the front page, they can then lower the price of their game further in a bid to get closer to being featured.

And the company adds that "Proactive outside promotion could also affect standings," suggesting that social media posts about Cheap End may help to put you on the front page. The first Cheap End will happen this weekend, from May 30 - June 1.

Numerous other distribution platforms have also been experimenting with sales tactics recently, including the Humble Store running Steam-like sales, and running quick deals which switch out as soon as a certain number of copies of a game have been sold.

[Mike Rose wrote this article for sister site Gamasutra]