Parasol is the first game from solo Australian developer Mark Arrebola. It's a puzzle game for iOS that lets you rotate the world using intuitive swipes and pinching gestures before tapping to drop the titular bird character Parasol to land on the block below him. The goal of each level is to reach the apple, preferably in as few moves as possible.

It's a lot like the kinds of puzzles you see in RPG games where once you start moving on ice you can't stop until you run into something, so you have to bounce around from rock to rock in the middle of the ice to get to the treasure on the other side. Only it's 3D, which means moving the camera around to try and plan out your path. The game spices things up as you go along, adding switch blocks that turn other blocks on and off and blocks which can only be landed on once.

Being in 3D adds enough complexity to make it a little hard sometimes to see what exactly is your best move, but the game gives you plenty of visual aids to help with that. Highlighting which block Parasol will fall on if you tap to drop him is a big help. Blocks that can be turned on and off never go fully invisible; they turn translucent. The camera's realistic perspective, making the farther blocks look smaller, also helps. And although it can take a bit of looking around to make sure things will fall out how you want them to, changing directions is effortless and it doesn't feel like a chore.

Parasol is available on the iOS app store for $0.99. It offers no in-app purchases, though players can unlock different hats over the course of the game's 40 levels.