Hypnospace Enforcer image.pngDropsy developer Jay Tholen dropped out of nowhere his 3-track (OST), 3-stage, 3-lane high-speed chasing game Hypnospace Enforcer for $2 tonight on Itch.io. The Windows only game features some really psychedelic visuals and music, as you try to keep your police cruiser in tact long enough to apprehend folks who overstay their allowed time in an intoxicating online world.

For those who like to figure out how to play on their own, buy Hypnospace Enforcer and don't read further. Otherwise, here's a few tips for making the most of your time: you can rear-end the slow moving traffic to rid yourself of pesky ghost-cats. You'll probably need to use your ray gun more than one full charge to apprehend law-breaking citizens. Survive long enough, and you can pick up wrenches to fix your cruiser. Lastly, listen to the sound the oncoming traffic makes; that can help you get into the groove more.

Worth $2 for the OST alone, the game is actually hypnotic, too. This trailer should seal the deal:

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