bistro cafard.pngArjan Oudendijk of Vivid Reality shared his team's Ludum Dare 29 entry, Bistro Cafard, a Cooking Mama inspired game that explores what's beneath the surface of a restaurant's meal preparation. It ain't pretty.

With a "consult the book" mechanic inspired by Papers, Please, players must read the somewhat scribbled cursive instructions to determine what the ingredients are for each meal and what which items need to be boiled or fried before combined on the cutting board and then served. Be quick, or the customers will leave!

Once the restaurant closes for the night, the game goes from being Cooking Mama to Duck Hunt, with a slowly reloaded shotgun used to procure extra meats to serve. Shoot anything that moves, as this restaurant will turn a profit on it. Cook, serve, revolting!

[Download Bistro Cafard]