overtime.pngTwo more highlights from the 18th PyWeek, HipetyHopit's Overtime (above) is a hacker-thwarting puzzle RPG, and jimmybob's Save All 8 Bits is tile-sliding puzzler, where you must save all the bits on board. Both are free and well worth a few minutes of your time.

Overtime stars a computer technician who attempts to foil a hacker. You must wander around the office and solve put-what-where puzzles while throwing soda cans at angry computers that chase after you. These cans are in limited supply, but thankfully, the tides turn when you find a special gun...

save8bits.pngSave All 8 Bits is a puzzler where you must move the numbered bits to the safe blue areas. These bits can only move if they will have a horizontal or vertical neighbor afterwards. Later, you realize the number of the bits corresponds to the HP it has, where in each turn turrets may "chip" away life if in their crossfire. Try to save all the bits, if you can.

[Download Overtime and Save All 8 Bits]