vertico image.pngAnother fantastic Ludum Dare 29 entry, Vertico by Sebastian Janisz (Ultimate Walrus) is a 2D isometric "three degrees of freedom" survival shooter, where you must plunge into the ocean depths to destroy an obelisk that is making the sea life aggressive.

You only get one (see what I did there, Ludum Dare alums) ship in the game, but you can replenish the energy by collecting capsules. In normal mode, you'll need to return to the surface for energy often.

Vertico provides a grid to help visualize where you are and what you can traverse, but it's still quite tricky for me. Enemies do a much better job in their natural habitat, but at least the creatures have vertical lines to indicate if they are approaching from above or below. You'll need to navigate through tricky coral patterns, and blast away some others, on your descent to the obelisk.

Playing on an isometric field while vertically scrolling the coral reef was a really different feeling for me, and I hope it provides a similar sensation for you.

[Download Vertico]
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