Though I really do understand the technology behind it, I still consider drawing levels on paper and having them automatically recreated in full playable form on my iPad a deeply impressive thing. This rightfully makes Pixel Press Floor the most impressive thing installed on my device right now, as well as a fun app to play with and something that gets those creative juices flowing.

Pixel Press Floor, you see, allows you to print out specially arranged sketch sheets, use a pencil to draw out a level on them (as per this guide) and have the iDevice's camera capture and transform said doodles into instantly playable platformer levels. You can of course edit your levels further on your device, share them and, as expected, get to play with stuff created by others.

Now, aspiring game creators can't create the games of their dreams with this app --it definitely isn't a full-blown game creation engine-- but it's an impressive, fun and fine way to either hone or teach those level design skills. Also, it's free and definitely worth a look.