KEEPERrl.pngMichal Brzozowski is rogue-ly roughly 10 days and 40% shy of his $5,000 Indiegogo goal to fund his Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress inspired sandbox dungeon building roguelike KeeperRL. While a Windows and Linux free alpha is available for sampling, Michal has several plans to turn his anti-hero game into something much bigger.

In KeeperRL, instead of being the hero, you play an evil wizard who seeks the ultimate knowledge of destruction. You control your minions and explore a procedurally generated world similar to most roguelikes, with turn-based and tactical combat.

You can explore the full combat mechanics in the free alpha, but it's missing a bit of what Michal thinks will make the game special. The funding will help him create a large and persistent map, an in-game exchange of maps through an online server, gameplay balances, tons of in-game content, graphics and UI overhauls, an original soundtrack, and an Android port. He aims to complete the game by December 2014.

[KeeperRL on Indiegogo]