If you've ever enjoyed monkeying around in a game, particularly the swinging back and forth bit, you should try the demo for Grabbles and consider giving it your support. This physics-based platformer is basically a Worms ninja rope obstacle course where the challenge is to get through as fast as possible.

In Grabbles, you play a colorful blob with two sticky, stretchy appendages that can be shot out to grab onto what appear to be cilia on the walls and on floating orbs around the levels. Your goal is to use your stretchy appendages to get from the beginning of the level to the end in the shortest amount of time possible, with stars earned on a level being dependent on how fast you complete it. You basically want to stop as little and for as short a time as possible. The browser demo has leaderboards for each level, showing you where your time ranks on the list so far.

You can also download the demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux from IndieDB. The game supports both controller and mouse controls, with controller being developer Noble Whale Studios' recommended control scheme. If you like the game, consider backing it on Kickstarter.

[Grabbles Kickstarter]