What happens when you combine a ball, a kid, and a time machine? Disaster. That's the setup for Inspire Me for PC and mobile by Argentinian developer Blyts. Kelvin Rubin's ball flew into his father's time machine, and now Kelvin must go back in time and re-do things like the apple falling on Newton's head, Beethoven writing his 5th Symphony, and the painting of the Mona Lisa before his father finds out what he's done. As is typical for point-and-click adventure games, Inspire me will feature humor and puzzles for players to solve.

Inspire Me's bright colors, boy protagonist, and tangential learning possibilities might make you think that the game is aimed at children, but it's intended to be an all-ages game. "We wanted the main character to be someone innocent," says creative director Leandro De Brasi, "aiming to fix whatever damage he may have caused. Any older person would be [more] interested in claiming the inventions as his own than in repairing the world's history. Who wouldn't? That would be fun, but would also make [for] a whole different story than the one we had in mind. So, we decided it's got to be a kid."

If Blyts meets their funding goal, the game will ship with three scenarios based on Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and Leonardo da Vinci. All of their Kickstarter stretch goals are additional chapters based around other famous people of the past; they already have scenarios planned for Shakespeare, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Elvis, and Steve Jobs. If the stretch goals aren't met, then whether or not those chapters get made will depend on the success of the game.

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