Chainsaweseome Games' has released the multiplayer-focused Knight Squad onto Steam's Early Access today. The official description refers to the game as Bomberman meets Gauntlet, and yes, it is as fun a combination as it sounds.

Knight Squad supports up to eight players in its mutliplayer mode. I spent some time with the game at PAX East, and found the Grail-based Capture the Flag variant to be a lot of fun. The center of the map houses a grail, and it's up to each player to grab it and take it back to their spawn point. Grabbing the grail causes you to slow down to a crawl, however, so you'll have to fend off all comers on your way back toward scoring a point. There's also an actual Capture the Flag mode, Soccer, Gladiator, Last Man Standing and Team Deathmatch in this early version of the game.

Chainsawesome Games said final version will have local co-op missions, more weapons and power ups, additional modes and maps as well as online multiplayer and single player challenges as well. You can pick up the current version on Steam now for Windows for $10. The full release will come out on Mac and Linux as well.