In Ludum Dare 29 entry The Mask of Us by Calvin Lu, you play a person whose mask is malleable. You can change the shape of your face any time you choose. Most people aren't so lucky, however, and changing how you present yourself to the NPCs affects how they treat you.

Mechanically speaking, all you can really do in the game is change the shape of your face, talk to NPCs, and move around. The story is very short, making the game feel like a playable fable that uses interactive mechanics to make its point before you get to the overtly spoken moral at the end. It's much more powerful than simply warning someone not to judge a book by its cover.

The game is short and avoids being a downer by using cute graphics and ending with a joke. Not everyone gets the joke; if you try the game and don't understand why the ending is supposed to be funny, see the spoilerific hint below.

[Play The Mask of Us]

SPOILER: It's a pun.