MechoEcho-Screenshot-001.jpgDue out later this year for Windows, Mac, and Linux, MechoEcho will put players in the role of a creature who doesn't know who or what she is. She's humanoid, but can turn into a machine at will. To get her through the physics-based environments, players will have to build robots based around her machine core to overcome obstacles.

MechoEcho is a 3D puzzle action game. The game provides the player with construction blocks, axles and associated parts that can be used to build physically accurate machines. Whenever an obstacle cannot be overcome in humanoid form, the player must build a machine that will do the job. The focus of the game is solving puzzles to explore the world and uncover the mystery of the player's existence.

It looks like the game will be a good mix of storytelling and physics- and robotics-based puzzle solving. Even if the story were to fall on its face, though, the gameplay being shown in the video above looks promising. It seems to have a lot of what makes toys like Capsela and Lego Mindstorms so wonderful in terms of engineering and creativity, but it goes the route of the FIRST Robotics competitions by giving players specific obstacles to overcome within the constraints of the system. There's no single right way to get past a given obstacle; if a solution works, it works.

Resilient Games is a one-person independent games studio located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and this will be his first game released. Sandro Furini worked on titles in AAA franchises such as Killzone, SOCOM, Resident Evil, and most recently Sleeping Dogs, as a specialist in artificial intelligence and physics programming. He's done most of the work on the game himself, settling on what he calls a "CyberDeco" black and white world where only the gameplay elements are in color. Now, he's looking for votes for the game on Greenlight.