humble coop.pngThe new Humble Weekly Bundle focuses on co-op games and offers ways to purchase 2 or 4 copies of the games, but not all of its offerings require multiple Steam keys. The Humble Weekly Bundles have always been a bit hodge-podge, but here "co-op" merely acts as an umbrella to collect local co-op, and online 2- or 4-player games.

The bundle is solid for a single purchase: Awesomenauts, Sanctum 2, Wanderlust: Rebirth, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Orcs Must Die 2, Aces Wild, and Risk of Rain. Ignoring the fact that more than half the games are missing their soundtracks, it takes a little research to reveal which games would take better advantage of the 2x or 4x deal.

Sanctum 2, Risk of Rain, and Wanderlust offer 4-player online play. Rocketbirds and Orcs Must Die 2 are 2-player online games. Awesomenauts is 3-player-local and 3-on-3 online multiplayer, and Aces Wild is local co-op only.

With more careful curation, Humble could offer bundles with all local 2- or 4-player co-op or online 2- or 4-player games, to make the purchasing decision a little bit easier. Humble gets all the big games for its staple bundles, but could a little more pride and care be taken in curating these more frequent bundles, or they dial back their frequency until the package is more tight?

Humble's not the only site with inconsistent bundles, but as the premiere bundle service, why not continue to lead with more polished examples?

[Humble Co-op Bundle]