More sex, gore, and slasher film references than you can probably handle, Hypnohustler's Lakeview Cabin Collection is now gauging community interest over on Steam Greenlight. The episodic horror comedy game continues the body count where the first two freeware games left off, promising more "creative puzzle solving in small sandbox areas... with hilariously horrifying situations."

Due out for Windows and Mac, players will only have to buy one episode to get access to the collection. The developer stated on Steam that the price will increase slightly with every added episode. If you're not sure about the horror-humor pedigree of Hypnohustler, why not spend your weekend with the first Lakeview Cabin for free?

Those curious about what it's like to develop a naked, gruesome horror game with a 3-year-old on one's lap can check out Roope Tannimen's collage here, with the headline "I'm making a game with my son. I hope he never plays it." Otherwise, mosey on over to Steam Greenlight, where Lakeview Cabin Collection is taking votes for your impending, bloody demise.