Having rampaged through the fair lands of handheld devices and the kingdom of Ouya, hairy developer I Fight Bears has finally brought Fist of Awesome to the calm port of PC and Mac gaming. Or, to do away with silly metaphors, the traditional, pixelated and so very indie beat-'em-up Fist of Awesome is now available on the Humble Store, while hoping to also earn your support on Greenlight.

The game plays a bit like Double Dragon (only starring one lumberjack and not two '80s tough types) and a bit like Target; Renegade (only having replaced gang members with vicious woodland creatures), but sports more bear-themed puns than every side-scrolling brawler ever released combined; yes, that's a lot of puns and I can't help but love them. And I do love the naked bears too.

The arcade-like gameplay is simple, yet supports enough moves and throws enough enemies at you to keep things interesting, somehow everything looks, well, funny and you'll have to love Echolevel's soundtrack. Oh, and Fist of Awesome handily supports both USB and bluetooth controllers.