witchmarsh.pngSet to some of my favorite music (thanks, Gunpoint and Jamestown OST composer Francisco Cerda) in one of my favorite locales (Massachusetts), action RPG Witchmarsh by Inglenook has me spellbound, and that's before I learned about its online co-op investigations filled with supernatural mystery.

A singleplayer or 2-4 player co-op (online) game, Witchmarsh promises a "refreshing mix of modern and classic RPGs, with branching dialogue and responsive, tactical combat." I'm particularly interested in the leads and clues system which you use to build a case during your supernatural investigations.

Described in the campaign: "Leads allow you to travel to a location where mysteries and events are unfolding. These may prove relevant to the kidnappings, or they could simply be a red herring, yielding only EXP and treasure. Clues fuel progress in the game's main storyline, and how you choose to interpret them will impact on your team's reputation."

Witchmarsh is being published by Chucklefish (Starbound), which isn't too common for Kickstarters, but not a bad idea. It's a good litmus test to see if fans will support it and build a community around it, without much upfront investment, aside from the resources to run the campaign.

Witchmarsh is branded a late 2015 release for Windows and Mac and needs to hit a £50,000 goal. Nowhere in their stretch goals do they have consoles listed, which is kind of refreshing to see a firm PC commitment. However, I imagine with the pedigree of devs behind this, I forgot to mention Matthew "Leth" Griffin (Wanderlust and Risk of Rain) was coding, Sony and Microsoft will soon come a knockin', as will their competitors. Everyone loves a swingin' supernatural mystery, after all.