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Over 30 games were made for the 18th PyWeek Challenge, where developers had to create a game using Python. This pair of 8-bit-themed Python picks highlights Tee's arcade game Bytelife (pictured, left) and reidrac's "Battle Internet Technician" action game Grid Runners.

Bytelife is a fast-paced arcade game where you're a byte that must allow safe passage for only the patterns sent. The red squares originate from the green-lit areas, you can turn them left or right to mimic the incoming pattern or XOR "flip" to turn off or on (more) red squares at the green-lit areas. Definitely start at level 1 to grasp the concept.

Grid Runners involves hacking all the terminals in each stage, but the real challenges are in resource management and environment manipulation. You can hack each PC in one of four ways: to grant access to nearby doors, to disable nearby lasers, to recover your link (health), or to get you extra time on the grid. Enemies can shoot at you to deplete your health, and lasers will reduce your time allowed on the grid.

Enjoy these Python one-week creations, most of which require Python and PyGame to run. Install those so you can play even more PyWeek 18 picks soon!

[Download Bytelife and Grid Runners]