caretaker.pngyumbugs 2.jpg

Roope Tamminen (Hypnohustler) is back with two rather corporeal game jam entries: end-of-life button pusher Caretaker for the Low Rez Jam and survival platformer Yumbugs for Ludum Dare. You will die quickly and often in both, but for very different reasons.

Caretaker's goal is "to operate a life support system as long as you can. How the machine exactly works, is yours to discover." Slight spoiler, but I felt the full weight of the thud from the body eventually falling forward and dying. Kudos to the dev on the effects there.

Less pixelated and less relying on one life, Yumbugs has you control several creatures simultaneously, trying to get just one to the exit. Along the way is black goo that reveals what lies beneath these YumBugs: evil predators that will hunt you down and convert you to do the same. Failing here results in something other than death; your mistakes haunt you mercilessly.