whereismyheart_cornerimage.pngLeaping about a series of platforms is something many gamers have been doing for years upon years. It's almost second nature for most at this point. How different would it be, though, if the levels you were playing were cut into squares and scrambled on the screen? Imagine you're in the top left square and you walk toward the right, but you come out in the bottom row middle square. That's what it's like playing Where Is My Heart?, and it's a pretty trippy experience.

The story accounts for the mixed-up level layouts. Apparently the tree that holds the world together has gone missing. The spirit family that lives in this tree, the characters you control, set out on a quest to relocate their home and fix the world around them. The adorable pixel graphics give it a truly storybook feeling.

Using all three characters is integral to success. You can stack them up to climb to higher areas, which is pretty useful. Each of them also has a transformation with a special ability as well. One can see hidden platforms, another can jump on stars, and the other can rotate the placement of the level pieces. These can add up to some pretty tricky combinations.

Where Is My Heart is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac for $7.19 until June 5, which is 10 percent off the normal $8 asking price. It's also available on PSN for PS3, PSP and Vita.