It's time to peacefully debate whether that horde of bloodthirsty vikings is allowed to get into the castle or not. Day of the Viking is a beautiful, utterly simplistic action game by Vorax Studios, whose presentation and game mechanics are close to the original Angry Birds and the like. As the own studio says, they've stepped out from their comfortable positions in the AAA industry -at least partially- in order to craft simple but extremely polished games. Just looking at Day of the Viking confirms that they are on the right track.

Let's keep it simple: there're a lot of pissed off vikings. They want to drink your mead and abduct your princess, but you have a castle and a terrific slingshot to defeat them. Clearly designed for touch interfaces, you can use your finger to catapult different kinds of missiles at all sorts of enemies, including flying dragons and monstrous viking war machines. Apparently they are preparing a PC version too, but there's no details about price yet (if it's not a free to play game). What's taken for granted is that the release is just around the corner, and we won't be waiting much before getting to play. More about the authors are at Vorax's Twitter and the game's website.