My intrigue with Stranded began with a hands-on video in late 2013. The full game is now on Steam and I've had a chance to complete the brief, but enjoyable journey put together by Peter Moorhead.

It takes under an hour to experience the arc laid out by Stranded, but the sci-fi story it weaves is an interesting one. There's admittedly not much to the actual gameplay. Don't expect minigames or quick time events. In fact, if you don't enjoy pointing and clicking, you should probably steer clear. It's more about exploring and experiencing the world around you, which is only enhanced by the expertly-crafted pixel art and ethereal soundtrack.

Stranded can be found on Peter Moorhead's website without DRM for Windows, Mac and Linux, or on Steam for Windows and Mac now for $8 (Linux version should be available at some point today).