the way.pngInspired by titles like Another World, Heart of Darkness and Flashback, a group of developers based in Poland have sought to bring that sense of 2D platforming to life with their sci-fi and puzzle-heavy Kickstarter project, The Way. Judging by the initial funding progress, they'll hit their PC goals soon, and possibly mobile and OUYA stretch goals.

Kuba Trzebinski, one of five people behind the game, wrote in to tell us about this project, which will see the player explore an alien planet, in a journey that will emphasize atmosphere and emotions, and will contain mind-bending puzzles which will use alien artifacts capable of telekinesis, relfecting attacks, and teleportation.

The team is almost at 12,000 CAD of its 15,000 (roughly $14,000 USD) initial goal which will help them release The Way on Windows, Mac, and Linux by September 2014. At 25,000 CAD, the team aims to port to iOS, Android, and OUYA; and at 100,000, they'll go for consoles.

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