A crowd of bloodthirsty lobsters is coming for you and you bio-mechanically equipped shiba. What else can you do but run? Shooting them while running sounds good. That's the basis for TOJAM 9 entry Dogthrow Duo, a co-op runner-and-gunner that's a hell of a lot of fun to play.

Dogthrow Duo is a collaborative effort between Ian Campbell (Bleed), Justin Chan (Nuclear Throne) and Joonas Turner (Badland). Running from the killer crustaceans feels hectic because they're always approaching in a crowd. Mowing them down with your blaster feels satisfying as you cause their number to decrease, though their always-encroaching ranks always swell back up shortly thereafter.

There are occasionally stage hazards that show up with one of the characters faces. That means they need to be picked up by their partner and helped through a section. The girl needs to be carried over spikes or thrown at buttons on the ceiling to open doors, while the shiba needs to be picked up and tossed over a wall since his jump has next-to-no vertical. It's basically a cooperative endless runner with some nifty inter-character based mechanics, and it definitely manifests that "just one more run" itch while playing.

You can pick it up for Windows at whatever price you'd like to pay right here.