last tinker.jpgTo help with the influx of Steam releases, and given that the Steam store page defaults on Top Sellers instead of New Releases, I'm experimenting with a weekly feature that compiles some of the noteable games released that we just didn't get time to write about or play in depth. Forgive us for having not covered all the games on Steam, but as IndieGames alum Mike Rose reports, more games have released on Steam so far in 2014 than all of last year.

We don't have twice the staff, so I've instead decided to present below commentary-less videos of 5 newly released games from their starts, to avoid the bedazzling effects found in trailers. If the raw gameplay footage doesn't move you to purchase it, the actual game might be hard to get into, too.

Ascendant played by Drydwen

A single or local co-op game, Hapa Games' Ascendant offers beat 'em up gameplay mixed with roguelike elements of permadeath and new worlds each game. Basic skills include a dodge, strike, and parry, and you can power-up your fighter with weapons, spells, and Blessings you find along the way. [Windows, Mac, Linux; $9.99 (DRM-free version here)]

DreadOut played by Alzu Gaming

Act 1 of Digital Happiness' third person supernatural horror game DreadOut promises terrifying encounters and mysterious puzzles, chiefly handled with a smartphone and its camera. According to the devs' updates, Act 2 will be free DLC when it releases. (Windows; $14.99)

BattleBlock Theater played by KISFIU87

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth returns with another single or multiplayer (on- and offline) side-scrolling action adventure in BattleBlock Theater. Run, jump, and punch your way through hundreds of levels, collecting gems and learning which blocks can help or hurt you, while you complete a behemoth-ly silly adventure told through stick-puppet animation. (Windows, Linux; $14.99)

The Last Tinker played by TruPCGaming

Mimimi Productions' The Last Tinker is a vibrant 3D adventure platformer that mixes bits of Jak & Daxter and Banjo Kazooie, where the player must use colors and combat to stir up emotions. The platforming isn't the typical press-X-to-jump; traversal is more guided like in Assassin's Creed. Players can use colors to aggravate (red), frighten (green) and grieve (blue) enemies to manipulate them to solve logical puzzles and overcome various obstacles, in an effort to restore Tinker's world. (Windows, Mac, Linux; $19.99)

Full Mojo Rampage played by gameofkarda

Lastly, NyxQuest dev Over the Top Games wraps up almost a year in Early Access to release Full Mojo Rampage a few days earlier than our May 12 cut off, on May 8. Set in a voodoo world, this top-down, 3D action-roguelike offers co-op and competitive modes where players can level up and unlock voodoo pins for upgrades, used to help complete campaign, daily, and survival quests. [Windows; $12.99. (DRM-Free version here)].

I have 5 neat Early Access games to show off tomorrow. Feel free to share in the comments how you'd like this feature to evolve. Do you prefer commentary with Let's Plays, for instance? Thanks for letting me know!