This trailer roundup features an interactive fiction inspired by Jules Verne, a procedurally generated platformer, an atmospheric shooter out of Romania, a game that requires players to adapt to different gameplay styles on the fly, a top-down 2D shooter with tower defense elements, a game in which you can create practically any spell you want, an old-school inspired top down shooter that doesn't just scroll from Argentina, and a tactical RPG where you shoot squid Angry Birds style.

80 Days

inkle Studios, the developer behind the mobile versions of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, has announced their next project. It's to be based on Around the World in 80 Days, but rather than pinning players to the original story, they want to offer players a myriad of ways to trek around the world (i.e. steamer, express train, airship, hover-car, hydrofoil, gyrocopter, camel, horseback, or hot-air balloon) so that each player can blaze their own path. They're advertising having over 10,000 choices to make. 80 Days is due out for iOS this summer.

Abomination Tower

Abomination Tower is a procedurally generated platformer due out near the end of the year for Windows and Mac. You are a mad scientist's rejected monster trying to escape the tower in which you were abandoned. The game will have unlockable heads and is aimed at a hardcore crowd. There are demos available for Unity Web Player and as a Windows download and the game is up on Greenlight.

Black: The Fall

Black: The Fall is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux by a team of Romanians and is heavily inspired by a "childhood spent behind the iron curtain." It's a shooter which is currently in alpha and promises dark atmosphere, puzzles that may have unanticipated consequences, and the ability to shoot your enemies' body parts off individually. Check out the Unity web demo or a downloadable demo and consider voting for the game on Greenlight.


Straight from the press release: "Concursion is a multi-genre game played on the boundaries between worlds, in which you steer your hero through a dangerous interdimensional universe. Switching between different genres on the fly, pulling off high-speed puzzle-solving and feats of tight aerial acrobatics otherwise unattainable in one genre alone." It's coming out on Steam and other distribution platforms for Windows, Mac, and Linux on June 6th. And there are downloadable demos for all three platforms.


Deadstone is a top-town 2D shooter with elements of tower defense and a 50-stage campaign mode that can be played in single-player or two-player local co-op. It's planned for a Windows release in mid-July and they have a Greenlight campaign going.


Magicmaker is going to be a platformer which allows players to craft custom spells using combinations of over forty different materials. Each material gives the spell a different effect, allowing for over 2 million possible spells. It's due out this summer for Windows and they've made a public test version available. They also have a Greenlight campaign going.

Project Root

Skip ahead to about 35 seconds in to see the gameplay. This game from Argentinian developer OPQAM looks like it makes some serious nods to old-school shooters while using modern graphics and allowing for a kind of movement not usually seen in the genre. It's available on Steam for Windows at the price of $9.99.

Squids Odyssey

The Game Bakers have just released this on Wii U in North America and Europe for $14.99 / 12.99€. This is a compilation of Squids and Squids Wild West, the tactical RPGs that are also available on mobile devices. It does have some exclusive content, namely a new chapter set in the kingdom of Wakame, a new squid warrior named Oktoku, and some new helmets. Judging by the name "Wakame", it sounds like the new content is Japan-themed.