This trailer roundup features a mystery MMO which is going to revolve around player discussion, an RTS, a multiplayer co-op run & gun, a $1 retro-style arcade game, a steampunk turn-based tactical game, a metroidvania platformer that looks dark in theme, and a 2-4 player co-op roguelike inspired by the works of Jules Verne.

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is set to be a mystery MMO. Players will traverse a computer network visualized as a landscape, investigating files to try and figure out what is going on. The game will not just give players the answers, though; player discussion on Reddit-like forums will be central to the game. It's due out this summer and to be distributed via Steam. Developer Investigate North has a couple of other videos up about how to play it and why they want to tell a story like this.

Destiny of the Cubes

This one is an RTS with some roguelike-inspired elements and three game modes (normal, survival, and score rush). It features procedurally generated maps, dragons you can find and defeat for relics to give your people upgrades, the ability to zoom out to a global level to help get your bearings, and cubes in hats. It's availble on Windows for $7.99, with Mac and Linux versions and a bunch of new features on the way such as online multiplayer. There is a trial version available, and the game is up on Greenlight.


DieselStörmers is to be a dieslepunk/fantasy run & gun platformer featuring up to 4-player co-op. Developer Black Forest Games plans for missions to have a procedural element, combining primary and secondary mission goals with special mission parameters unique to their location such as a harbor area sometimes being flooded with goop. Bosses that will hassle players throughout a mission are also in the works. It sounds like it'll be neat, but they're looking for backers on Kickstarter at the moment. There's a playable prototype for Windows, though it's a big file, weighing in at about 836 MB.

Hexapod Defense Force

This one is a retro-style arcade game. A small group of coal miners on a planet in the middle of nowhere must defend themselves against invading space bugs. This one is available for Windows and Mac and only costs $1.

Telepath Tactics

The beginning of this trailer implies that this game will be a revolutionary addition to the turn-based tactical genre. That is perhaps a bold claim to make, but it definitely looks like it'll bring some rousing destructive fun to the table. Developer Sinister Design is using the existing setting from their previous game Telepath RPG, a psionics and steampunk world where people ride giant, armored praying mantises. The first two chapters of Telepath RPG (out of three) can be played for free in your browser.


Viktor, due out for Windows in June, is a platformer inspired by classics such as Metroid and Castlevania. It's to be $9.99 and distributed via Steam.

We Need to Go Deeper

This one is a Jules Verne-inspired 2-4 player cooperative roguelike. It will feature customizable characters (only male is shown in the trailer, but Deli Interactive's devlog-like forum posts show female options) and hand-drawn art designed to evoke a 19th century feel. We Need to Go Deeper is planned for release on Windows and Mac, and the developers are looking for support on Steam Greenlight.