zenzizenic.pngIntense twin-stick shooter Zenzizenzic has grown a lot since we introduced it to the world last year. Now in its final stretches, this geometric and minimalist thrill ride needs just a little Kickstarter push to the finish line, but an even bigger push would allow developer Ruud Koorevaar to create a roguelike-shmup hybrid expansion.

The initial 2,000 euro goal will cover the costs to finish Zenzizenzic, due out the end of July. For those who missed last year's tech demo, there is now an expanded demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux users to try.

The Macro expansion takes that amazing gameplay you can demo above and drops it in an "abstract, challenge ridden, randomized, open world which progressively gets more and more difficult as you advance through it." If the campaign hits 10,000 euro, the dev will use the funds and approximately 9 months to make this hybrid a reality.

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